Ink Drop Title

This Is A Text Reveal Video

This Text Reveal video consists of the following:
  • Text Qty: 1 – You can add your required text in the form below.
  • Color Qty: 1 – You can select your own color to use. Please provide the html color code, eg. #000000 || GO HERE || to get the right color code for your video.
  • Audio Track – You can choose to have this audio track or no audio track.
  • Image Qty: N/A.
  • Time: 10 Seconds
  • Video Dimensions- 1920 x 1080
Buyer Requirements: We won’t process the order until you’ve been able to provide the following:
  • Text – 1; Over 40 Characters will spill to new line
  • Color – 1 Color; Ink Drop
  • Audio Requirement – Please select Yes or No below for required Audio

If you aren’t happy with the video, 2 alterations are also available included in the price.
Original video’s will be provided as watermarked until you confirm you are happy, then we will provide the finished version.





Ink Drop